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Song Name: Ebin

Artist: Sublime
Brad - vocals, lead and rhythm guitar
Eric - bass
Marshall - drums

Album: 40oz. To Freedom

Year: 1992

Run Time: 3:32

Trivia: Q: What is the real name of the actual "Ebin" in the song? A: Eben Sterling

From MC Naitch on Sublime Forum.com wrote:

"I probably should have saved the following little tidbit for the last one but I couldn't help myself. I am the self-proclaimed expert on Brad's time at Santa Cruz. From a song standpoint, maybe the most noteworthy moment was his encounter with Ebin. Yes, the dude was actually named that. Brad and I would see this crazy-looking dude around campus who had these super long dreads (don't forget that this was 1986 and dreads were really not that commom yet). At the end of the dreads, his natural hair was growing for an inch or two and it was bleached blond. We would always trip out on him. Well Brad and Ebin finally met up. It might have been at a party where Brad ended up taking the mike and he rapped and free-styled, blowing everyone away. Anyway, Ebin came over to our apartment which was called the Pink Palace and he played bass while Brad would play guitar. I think that they only played twice or maybe just once and Ebin gets a fricking song named after him!! That's not cool. I wanted a song named after me. Ebin was not a Nazi, by the way. I saw Ebin once in San Francisco and he had changed. I don't think that I ever got to tell Brad that (or maybe I did). This song lyrically speaking, like the 4 songs or so that I know a little about, have the curious habit of starting with a real life event or five, inventing new lines, mixing them about, altering, finding the perfect mix and then Boom! a great song. It still trips me out to hear the song and go, "Oh yeah Ebin... but hey where did the other lines come from? Craftsmanship.""


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