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Sloppy Seconds (actually spelled Sloppy 2nds) was the high school band before the official Sublime.

  • Bradley Nowell (Guitar / Vocals)
  • Eric Ward (Vocals)
  • Eric Wilson (Bass)
  • Tom Spruengli (Drums)
  • Ted Lee (Percussions) - RIP
  • Ruth Goodman (Sax) - RIP

The band played some Rolling Stones and The Cure covers. And a few original tracks, a few named "Mod Bass Beat" and "6 O'Clock News".

Just a few old memories

"Sloppy Seconds once played a show in Garden Grove. After their set, a heavy metal band called Leather Wolf went on stage. The crowd started booing them and throwing beer bottles at the band... and chanting "Sloppy Seconds!"...

"...I remember when you guys were practicing in Brad's garage, the cops came and made us poor out all the beer cause we were all underage, and Ted stashed a case? Too funny!!! Ted saved the day!" "...The big brother (Ted) always saved the day, Remember we used to walk around with a quart of Cisco, Cops loved us.."