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Melarkey's Sacramento, CA

Wednesday, June 17th, 1992

Recorded/engineered by John Taylor. Transferred and processed by Jim McLain in 2016


Bands performed:

Set list

  1. Badfish
  2. New Song
  3. Pay To Cum (Bad Brains)
  4. Rasta (HR)
  5. Don't Push
  6. New Thrash
  7. 40 Oz To Freedom
  8. I'm Not A Loser (Descendents)
  9. 5446/Ball & Chaim
  10. Let's Go Get Stoned
  11. Date Rape
  12. DJ's (extended)
  13. Slow Ride
  14. Leaving Babylon (Bad Brains)
  15. We're Only Gonna Die (Bad Religon)
  16. Scarlet Begonias


  • This was Sublime's first show in Sacramento and Filibuster's first show on a bill with Sublime.
  • Both Sublime and Filibuster set were released in 2018 by Jim.
  • Filibuster set only 35 minutes of the show was recorded before the tape got cut off.
  • Rodney of Filibuster in 2020: ..that was our first meeting. I remember like yesterday. Brad and I got really high before the show. He kept saying he wanted a Lou's burger (L.A. burger stand) we were in the parking lot of Willy's burgers. Being that I was originally from L.A. area, I pointed and said, let's eat at his cousin's. Willy and Lou opened the L.A. stand together and Willy took the menu up north. That day, Brad and I became brothers