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Get Out!
By: Sublime
Copyright: 1992

My place is not a home 
Don't make no difference but I have found 
That I need a place to stay
I never listen to what the landlord man say

You should've seen all the flops in my house
We were jumping on walls and kicking ceilings
Now a days people listen to me when I say..

Hold me and don't let go
It makes no difference that you're a ho
'Cause I need a place to stay 
A new disease was just the price I paid

In days of old that's how it used to be 
Ohh yes indeed
That girl is dead to me now and I say..

All the time the people want to know the meaning of the word Sublime
It ain't anarchist, it's the shit you missed
We get the minute man loop and add a peni twist
We know you mutha     that this is the shit that you put in the box
And say damn its a hit
And to all the radios and the tv shows
'Cause we don't kiss no ass or kick down free shows
What you get is the kind no econo gang or cess with yellow lover on the

Let the lovin' take a hold over me
Let the lovin' take a hold over me
'Cause all I see is your fussin' and fightin'
1992, so let's all start uniting

Put your hands together be the best you can be
Let this jam take us to 1993
Stay positive and the love will come back to me
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