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Live at E's
By: Sublime
Copyright: 1992

yesterday i saw a whore
lookin out for more
while she makes my body aches
when i walk in then i say

well uh
i'm on the mic doin' uh
the things you like and i'm uh
pleasy g and i'm uh
treat you right
'cuz all the ladies and me
you see we both agree
that uh i'm goin' down in world history
well yo 

whoa she makes my body ache
and you know i live for more
i won't flake or perpetrate
i won't front no funky ho 

don't get me wrong i'm just
uh singin' my song
i'm just like you
i like to ball my freaks all night long
not only do i rhyme
i also cut so nice
and all the fightin perpetratin dj's want my slice
cause i'm select

perpetratin dj's, come and look for me
rock me rubadub rock and roll m.c.
so sweet and so nice
they call me delight

go go go go go go go

go eric
think of somthin'
sing somthin'

my name is eric i have nothing to say
cause I am not a fucking d.j.
and if you wanna come talk to me
then you've gotta talk to my man bradley

ha ha ha ah ah yeah


uh uh elected
my rhyme's have been perfected
the fightin' m.c's will be disected and rejected
i am the most supressive
aspective and progressive 
motivating innovating chillin' and digested
it's obvious as ever
it will be specialized 
if your trying to prevent uh
it can't be comprimised 

i am a fresh m.c.
as you can plainly see 
you won't regret a d.g. a fresh m.c you'll soon agree
so take a seat and feel the beat 
of course it is okay uh uh

yes thats the ras m.g. 
yo! on judgement day 
that's right we outta here 
5000 g 5000 g 
we outta here we outta here

nothing but peace and unity 

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