Second-Hand Smoke

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Sublime Second-Hand Smoke Front Cover
Sublime Second-Hand Smoke Back Cover
Alternate Second-Hand Smoke Front
Alternate Second-Hand Smoke Back

Album Specifics

Artist: Sublime
Released: 1997
Tracks: 19
Label: MCA

Album Information

Second-hand Smoke is an album by the band Sublime. It was released in 1997 following the death of Bradley Nowell (Sublime's lead singer) in 1996, so it is made of recycled, remixed tracks from other Sublime albums as well as previously unreleased tracks.

Track Listing

  1. Doin' Time (Uptown Dub)
  2. Get Out! (Remix)
  3. Romeo
  4. New Realization
  5. Don't Push
  6. Slow Ride
  7. Chick On My Tip
  8. Had A DAT
  9. Trenchtown Rock
  10. Badfish
  11. Drunk Drivin'
  12. Saw Red
  13. Garbage Grove
  14. April 29th, 1992 (Leary)
  15. Superstar Punani
  16. Legal Dub
  17. What's Really Goin' Wrong
  18. Doin' Time (Eerie Splendor Remix)
  19. Thanx Dub


  • "Trenchtown Rock" was recorded during the sessions of "40oz. To Freedom" but did not fit on a single cd due to restrictions at the time. The song actually appears on SOME of the FIRST pressings of the "40oz. To Freedom" cassette tape.
  • The song "Get Out!" originally appeared on Sublime's debut album 40oz. To Freedom but had to removed when the album was picked up for distribution by MCA Records, due to the presence of unauthorized samples. The samples were removed/replaced and the song was rereleased on Second-Hand Smoke as "Get Out! (remix)".
  • "Chick On My Tip" is an entirely English language version of "Chica Me Tipo" from 40 Oz. to Freedom.
  • "Badfish" and "Saw Red" are the only songs to appear on this album unchanged from their original LP versions.