Sublime Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends

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Sublime Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends
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Album Specifics

Artist: Sublime
Released: November 17, 1998
Tracks: 15
Label: MCA

Album Information

This is a collection of demos and acoustic versions of Sublime songs. Sublime includes: Bradley Nowell. Engineers include: Miguel, Dave Zlacket, Laurie Daniels. Much like Jimi Hendrix and 2Pac, Sublime's Bradley Nowell has taken on a second life thanks to a number of posthumous releases. Thankfully, the people left to preserve his legacy have taken great lengths to ensure his memory hasn't been tarnished by any slapped-together releases. ACOUSTIC offers a more gentle insight into a performer known for an often outrageous and untamed punk persona. Recorded between 1991 and 1995 in sites ranging from a friend's sewing room to assorted clubs, this collection reveals Sublime's former leader to be a lover of blues ("Don't Push"), Camper Van Beethoven ("Eye Of Fatima") and X (an all-too short "It's Who You Know.") In addition to Sublime's better-known songs ("Wrong Way," "KRS-One"), Nowell's performances also reflect his affinity for reggae whether it's a Marley medley of "Guava Jelly" and "This Train," or an effective cover of the Melodian's classic "Rivers Of Babylon," complete with a xylophone solo by Sublime bassist Eric Wilson.

Track Listing

  1. Wrong Way
  2. Saw Red
  3. Foolish Fool
  4. Don't Push
  5. Mary/Big Salty Tears
  6. Boss D.J.
  7. Garden Grove (Live)
  8. Rivers Of Babylon
  9. Little District
  10. KRS-One (Live)
  11. Marley Medley: Guava Jelly/This Train
  12. What Happened/Eye Of Fatima
  13. Freeway Time In L.A. County Jail
  14. Pool Shark (acoustic)
  15. It's Who You Know