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Sublime Self-Titled Front Cover
Sublime Self-Titled Back Cover

Album Specifics

Artist: Sublime
Released: 1996
Tracks: 17
Label: MCA

Album Information

Sublime is the self-titled hit album released by the eponymous band. The album was a major commercial success, going triple-platinum and etching Sublime into a permanent place among the patrons of mid-90s alternative rock. It spawned such hits as "What I Got", "Santeria" and "Wrong Way".

The musical styles throughout the album vary nearly as much as the subjects discussed, ranging from the mellow groove of "Doin' Time" and reggae beat of "Caress Me Down" to the pop-rock "What I Got" and the hard-punk sound of "Same in the End". The genre-crossing musical diversity expressed on the album is one of the more compelling reasons for the record's wide mainstream appeal.

The album marked the band's debut on a major label (MCA) after several releases on Skunk Records. Tragically, lead singer Bradley Nowell died two months before the release and success of the album.

The album ranked at #14 for Top 100 Albums of 1996 and #650 for overall by Rate Your Music.

Track listing

  1. Garden Grove – 4:21
  2. What I Got – 2:51
  3. Wrong Way – 2:16
  4. Same in the End – 2:37
  5. April 29, 1992 (Miami) – 3:53
  6. Santeria – 3:03
  7. Seed – 2:10
  8. Jailhouse – 4:53
  9. Pawn Shop – 6:06
  10. Paddle Out – 1:15
  11. The Ballad of Johnny Butt – 2:11
  12. Burritos – 3:55
  13. Under My Voodoo – 3:26
  14. Get Ready – 4:52
  15. Caress Me Down – 3:32
  16. What I Got (reprise) – 3:02
  17. Doin' Time – 4:14

Special 2 CD set

Contains an extra CD, with:

  1. Doin' Time (eerie splendor remix)
  2. Date Rape
  3. All You Need
  4. Lincoln Highway Dub
  5. Rivers Of Babylon
  6. What I Got (demo)


  • Originally intended to be titled "Killin' It"
  • Flyer located behind the clown on the disc and behind the cd insert.

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