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Sunday, August 23rd, 1992

This was a 2 show day. The Roadhouse was during the afternoon, then Banana's Bar & Grill at night.

The Roadhouse Costa Mesa, CA

Flyer submitted by Phil Savell

Bands performed:


  • Brotherhood of Anger - Matt Vargas, Dennis "Scummy" Elm, Greg Mullen, and Jay O'Brien
  • Skull Splitter - Eric Sjoberg, Dennis "Scummy" Elm, Eric Wilson
  • Busface was not originally billed for this show, then added after the flyer had been made, hence why they were hand-written on the flyers.
  • The cops stopped the show twice, and Brotherhood of Anger was stopped in the middle of their set twice due to people being taken away in the ambulance.

Banana's Bar & Grill Fullerton, CA

Bands performed:

Flyer by Bob Kurthy


  • Suburban Rhythm - Dennis Owens, Jake Kline, Rodi DelGadillo, Deryke Cardenaz, Carlos de la Garza, Ed Kampwirth
  • Joker Pickle's Reaction - Bob Kurthy, Paul Zanzler, Kevin Dean, Vance Gore, Noah McMannus
  • Wash - Eric Dunn, Kevin Callan, Rob Sammelious, Mike Meyer, Andy Wenger, Jerami Johnson, Brian Casey
  • Burnin' Daisy - Jon Ellis, Shawn Ellis, Chris Hanlin, Javier Ceja, and Andre Moran