Juice Bros.

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Band Members:

Juice Bros 12" record cover released on Skunk Records
  • Michael "Miguel" Happoldt - Credited as Mike Love, Guitar/Vocals
  • Eric Wilson - Credited as Earache, Guitar/Vocals
  • Bud Gaugh - Credited as Fred E., Drums
  • Dennis "Scummy" Elm, Bass/Vocals

The Juice Bros (started in 1982) were a sister band to Sublime. Starting before and continuing during and after Sublime, they were known for their obscene song themes and the unorganized live performances. Getting their name from a group of brothers who sold PCP in their neighborhood, The Juice Bros preformed a more raw street punk sound, opposite from what Sublime was known for. As previously stated The Juice Bros were a somewhat active band from the early 80s through late 90s playing one off shows and having most of their music released on Skunk Records' Samplers, and a 12" LP.

Shows played with

  • 1992


  • 1993


  • 1994


  • 1995